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How do I Evaluate Campaign Performance?
How do I Evaluate Campaign Performance?

Understanding CPC, CPM, and how to judge my campaign's performance

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Measuring campaign results is more than just CPC. Although a popular metric, it doesn't always tell the whole story.
When evaluating MAX CLICKS campaigns, it's true that CPC (cost-per-click) is the goal. Are you getting a CPC lower than Google (avg. $0.56 CPC) or Facebook (avg. $0.78)?

If you have a PREMIUM campaign, look at the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Are you scoring less than $10 or $12 CPM? Great! Usually, when you want these top-tier publishers, you'd have to pay their top-tier CPMs – via a direct deal with a huge minimum spend.
If you're running AUDIO, think about how many impressions you get. Audio ads are amazing and a great option to grow listening on different platforms. There is no other ad that will let you put your song's hook right in the ear of a potential listener. So the number of listeners (impressions) is what really matters.

Lastly, if you choose an EMAIL campaign, think about the number of inboxes you'll reach. Look for a good impression number here too.

These simple guidelines will make sure you can evaluate your campaign efficiently and adjust if necessary.

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