How much should I spend?

Some good rules to help you spend the right amount, every time

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While we get this question all the time, it's impossible to just pull a number out of thin air. There's always more context going into this question. So let's do a little assessment together and come up with a method to finding the right budget.

Planning a remarketing campaign to reach existing customers or fans? If so, it's quick math. If you have 5,000 customers in your audience, and you want to drive all of them to your new product page, podcast, track or anything else, estimate $0.28 per person, and it'd only cost $1,400 to drive them to your release.

Why $0.28? That's the average CPC across the platform and typically remarketing audiences perform better since they are already engaged with your brand.

Now, what if you're talking about new people, i.e. a prospecting campaign? Then we'll do the math backwards.

If you need to drive 5,000 people into your product page, podcast, or track, let's estimate $0.32 per person, and you're looking at $1,600. Pro Tip: If you use a short link in your ad campaign, you can also build your remarketing audience along the way as an added benefit.

Why $0.32? We made the estimate based on the average CPC, plus around 20% more since we assume we'll need more ad impressions to convert someone who is not familiar with your brand.
If you can, we recommend driving 1,000 people to your landing page, retail site, or streaming platform to see if you have the right combination of ads and targeting.
With those concepts in mind, you're ready to start planning your campaign!

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