CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act, went into effect January 2020, but today – July 1 – marks the enforcement deadline.

We started working on this LONG before today though, just like we got prepared for GDPR long before that went into effect.

Here's how we are handling CCPA compliance:
1) All Landing Pages will come with a privacy notice, and allow end-users to manage their CCPA preferences.

2) You have the control over whether or not you want to even fire pixels. Just go to MANAGE PIXELS and take a look at what pixels you've added (most add Google and Facebook).

You can disable the DMP pixel from firing via shortlinks, embeds, and landing pages. The DMP pixel is the pixel developed by, which allows you to pixel/cookie users for remarketing purposes primarily. Disabling this does NOT disable other pixels you've added, from firing. Most people add Facebook and Google pixels for instance. If you want to stop them from firing, delete them.

3) As a reminder, people in GDRP countries receive a cookie consent opt-in form at the bottom of the landing pages.

4) If you want your account or other data removed from, visit our request page and fill out the form:

We've got you covered!

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