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Make Your Video Stand Out
Make Your Video Stand Out

Premium Domain Targeting + Video = Success

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We tested our Interactive Ads with Premium Placements and the results surpassed even our expectations. Here’s how you can do the same.


One of the many metrics we’re incredibly proud of is the performance of our banner ads. Our analytics shows that, time and time again, creating and running targeted banner ads through outperforms the competition, with an average cost per click 50-70% lower cost than a comparable Google or Facebook banner ad.

We love the fact that our banner ads perform robustly. And we believe there will always be a time and place for banner ads and campaigns. That said, most viewers find video ads to be more compelling than static ads. So we’ve tasked ourselves with creating tools that anyone can use to integrate video into their ads and reach their audiences effectively.


Many advertisers look to placements on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for their video ads, but grabbing attention on these platforms is difficult. The space is not only crowded with algorithmically-served advertisements, but video ads are seen as an interruption rather than a source of information. Viewers generally let the ad play for the required length of time (usually about three seconds) before they skip ahead so that they can get back to watching that cute cat video.

And what can be worse, the “interest-based” and “context-based” targeting from these platforms can place your ad square in the middle of a social media fight, or even negative content about the exact topic you intended to align your brand with.

So what can an artist, creator, or brand do to circumvent these challenges and ensure that their video ad effectively cuts through the noise while creating positive brand association?


With Interactive Ads, you can place your video content directly inside of an ad unit. What’s more, we offer curated premium targeting on the most sought-after publishers in the world. Websites and publishers like Complex, GQ, Rolling Stone, Paste, Spin, NME, Billboard, Refinery29, and many more.

When your Interactive Ad is placed on a premium website, visitors will be able to play your embedded video directly, without having to leave the site. This means that your video ad will never interrupt a visitor’s content. Rather, they will be enticed by the banner and choose to click on the video. Additionally, the ad will be placed on premium websites the viewer enjoys visiting, creating a strong brand association with the video ad.

Test & Results:

For the band Smalltown Poets, we set up two advertising campaigns that were nearly identical. The difference? In one, we used static banner ads. In the other, we used’s Interactive Ads where we embedded their latest music video.

For this head-to-head test, the results were astonishing. The Interactive Ad unit had 5x more clicks and the average cost per click came in at under half of that of the static banner ad.

Smalltown Poets was able to generate hundreds of thousands of impressions for only $1.17 cost per thousand impressions on extremely premium websites at less than 10% of the normal cost, thanks to’s inventory access.

We’re pretty proud of these metrics as well. And we think all of our users, whether musical artists, podcasters, creators, or brands, can utilize’s Interactive Ads and Premium Placements to stand out and reach, engage, and grow their audiences. Log in and build your interactive ad today, it's free.

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