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Attention is the New Currency
Attention is the New Currency
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What you need today is not a view, or a look, or an impression. What you need today is attention. Distractions are abundant; capturing someone's focus is precious. So how do you get actual attention, instead of just a cool-sounding KPI? How much are you paying to get someone's attention today?

We ran a case study with Atlanta, Georgia band Smalltown Poets to try and answer just that.

It turns out, if you're running Facebook Video Ads, you're probably paying a lot more than you realize.

Smalltown Poets ran video advertising with both Facebook and With the video was embedded directly inside of the banner (using's AD DESIGN STUDIO and placed on websites. So how did this turn out? Exactly as you might expect.

When people had an opportunity to engage with something they found compelling, like the playable ad unit on a website, they watched the video almost 30x longer than they watched on Facebook! That's right. Their average was 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Such an incredible result doesn't mean the ad spend was wasted on Facebook. It just means that playable ads with can offer you more for your dollar. And if you're interested in taking control of your marketing, as Smalltown Poets does so well, then playable ads on is a preferred method of running video advertising.

That 30x watch time is not an outlier. New Language, based in LA, recently created an ad that embedded a Spotify widget. The band increased their listeners in Phoenix by 10% in just a few days. (Targeting was Phoenix as the baseline had been normalized for an extended period of time, and we wanted to isolate a market to read the signals better)

What do these two bands have in common? They think outside of the box, or the "Book" in this case. They always try new things. They embrace their creativity. They don't want for the record label to do everything for them. They take the control back in their own hands. And you can too.

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