To Upgrade or Not

Everything you want to know about upgrading your account

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Q: What’s the difference between Basic, Premium, and Power?

A: Basic Offers:

Link Shortener

Landing Page Builder

Ad Campaign Setup

Remarketing Pixels

Premium Offers:

All that Basic does, with the addition of

Custom Domains

Vanity shortlinks

Email collection from Spotify Pre-save

Geo Pages

Power Offers:

All that Premium does, with the addition of

Email Capture Modals

Remarketing Audience Triggers

Q: How much are the paid subscriptions?

A: Our Premium subscription is $15 a month, while our Power subscription is $25 a month

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Yes. You can cancel at any time. Your account will be downgraded when the current paid month ends.

Q: Where do I access my receipts or invoices on

A: All of your receipts/invoices will live in your “account settings” page, underneath the infographic of the paid subscription plans you will see on the left hand side a box that is labeled “Transactions”, next to each of the transactions, you will see two buttons with an “eye” that represents viewing the invoice and one with an “arrow” that represents your ability to download said invoice.

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