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Introducing Apple Music Pre-Add Chart Optimization

Are you ready to take your Pre-Save pages to the next level? Our Premium and Power users have asked, so we’ve taken action. We’re happy to announce that we’ve increased the frequency of your Apple Music Pre-Adds to support your charting possibilities. users of all tiers, Basic, Premium, Power, have been making it into the charts since they launched, and nothing about that will change, no matter your plan! For Premium and Power users taking the charts very seriously, we’ve increased the frequency at which we ping Apple Music to record Pre-Adds, to increase your opportunity to chart.

If you’re already a Premium or Power plan user, all you need to do is create your Pre-Save Page as usual. If you’re a Basic plan user, you will want to upgrade to Premium or Power to take advantage of our high-velocity Pre-Adds.

Create your Pre-Save page now!

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