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Need a SmartURL alternative?
Need a SmartURL alternative?

Need to migrate your pages from smartURL? Look no further!

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Try’s music marketing tools! is the first to provide Amazon Music Pre-Save, and we have the other standards as well: Spotify Pre-Save, Apple Music Pre-Add, and Deezer Pre-Save. Setup is easy and only takes a few clicks.

With higher click-through rates than our competitors,’s landing page tools are perfect for your next release campaign. Whether you’re trying to launch a Pre-Save, or drive streams of your new release, provides a best-in-class solution for your needs.

Integrate your Shopify store and sell merch directly to your fans at the bottom of your landing page, once they check out your music. Our Apple Music Pre-Add API is unique to our platform - which is why the weekly Apple Music Pre-Add charts are always filled with users.

And best of all; all of the clicks to your landing page are automatically captured into our remarketing audiences. Unlike our competitors, you can launch ads directly on’s ad platform to target fans who have shown interest in your new release.

Get started with no fees!

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