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Custom Parameters for DMP Pixel
Custom Parameters for DMP Pixel
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Updated over a week ago dmp pixel allows you to track custom parameters as part of the page view event.

By default we track page view event once the page loads and if the pixel exists on the web page.

Custom parameters can help track some additional data along with the page view event.

To track custom parameters the user should define a specific object along with the dmp pixel.

Object name: window.foundeePageViewParams

Object type: JSON supports the following custom parameters:

  • item_name,

  • item_type,

  • item_id,

  • currency,

  • value.

Here's an example!

Object example:

window.foundeePageViewParams = { item_name: 'some-item-name', item_type: 'some-item-type', item_id: 50, currency: 'USD', value: 1500}

How to define the foundeePageViewParams object along with the dmp pixel on the web page:

<script>window.foundeePageViewParams = { item_name: <ITEM-NAME>, item_type: <ITEM-TYPE>, item_id: <ITEM-ID>, value: <ITEM-VALUE>, currency: <CURRENCY>}</script>


!function(e,t,n,s,a,c,p,i,o,u){e[a]||((i=e[a]=function(){i.process?i.process.apply(i,arguments):i.queue.push(arguments)}).queue=[],i.pixelId="<YOUR-PIXEL-ID>",i.t=1*new Date,(o=t.createElement(n)).async=1,o.src=""+864e5*Math.ceil(new Date/864e5),(u=t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0]).parentNode.insertBefore(o,u))}(window,document,"script",0,"foundee");foundee('', 'Y');


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