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The best time to book your ads
The best time to book your ads
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The holiday season is, to put it quite obviously, expensive. Whether a consumer, creator, or a person that lands somewhere in between, cold weather combined with green and red decorations occupying pharmacy aisles generally equals a thinning wallet and rising credit card bills.

As big brands invade the airwaves with big buy ad spends, it becomes nearly impossible for independent artists and creators to successfully advertise their work. Ad costs rise as soon as Black Friday rolls around because it’s the one period of the year that large companies know everyone is looking to buy.

Ad costs in September and October are notoriously as cheap as they’ll be during the entire year. It’s a simple equation of supply and demand. As big operations save their budgets for the end of year rush, the airwaves go relatively silent, which means your same ad budget gets you more results in September and October, than November and December.

Buying ads in September and October will allow you to engage with an unoccupied audience at the most affordable rates.

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