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How Lindsey Stirling generated a whole year's worth of video watch time for "Snow Waltz"
How Lindsey Stirling generated a whole year's worth of video watch time for "Snow Waltz"

Learn how Lindsey Stirling's team used video ads to promote her Christmas album

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Renowned violinist and songwriter Lindsey Stirling released her Christmas album "Snow Waltz" with Concord Records in October of 2022. To drive consumption of her album during the actual holiday season, it was critical to reach listeners during November and December - a time when many consumers typically spend time at home away from school and work. Concord's media buyers were specifically looking for a way to reach families as well as consumers interested in holiday programming - two demographics that were likely to stream and buy the album.

The creative used for Lindsey's ad, which included a QR code linking to online retailers

This desire to reach potential listeners while they were at home required Concord’s media buyers to try a different approach than their usual digital marketing channels. Concord needed a solution to advertise to families and users interested in Holiday programming, but also wanted to ensure that their ad spend was effective and efficient.

Concord's media buyers successfully used's ad platform to set up CTV video ads with a 30-second trailer for Lindsey's album. They targeted networks such as Disney ABC, The CW Network, and holiday programming on AMC and Dish Network. With a $30,000 spend, the ad generated over 1 million completed video views at a cost of $0.05 per completed view.

The ad campaign was a success. It generated almost a whole year's worth of watch time for Lindsey's video, reaching hundreds of thousands of households interested in holiday programming.'s CTV ad platform and low cost per completed views allowed Concord to reach their target audience efficiently and effectively, helping to promote Lindsey's album "Snow Waltz" during the holiday season.

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