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How Danny Wimmer Presents used ads to generate a 4:1 ROI on festival pass sales
How Danny Wimmer Presents used ads to generate a 4:1 ROI on festival pass sales

How display and CTV ads were used across 7 music festival marketing campaigns

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Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP) is a premiere festival promoter known for producing some of the largest music festivals in the United States. In early 2023, DWP announced several music festivals for the summer and fall, including Sonic Temple, Louder Than Life, Aftershock, Bourbon & Beyond, Rocklahoma, Born & Raised, and Welcome to Rockville.

As part of DWP’s larger, multi-channel festival marketing strategy, the promoter looked to get announcement and on-sale ads promoting their events onto premium music websites. ads would serve to reinforce awareness, and support the promoter’s efforts by driving new users into DWP’s larger marketing mechanism - working in tandem with DWP’s other marketing efforts.

DWP decided to try ads, as an alternative to direct deals with premium publishers, to get more value for their budget and generate a larger amount of premium site placements than direct deals would allow for.

One of the ad banners used in DWP's ads’s ad strategy revolved around both web and mobile display ads, as well as CTV ads. 75% of each budget’s festival was used for initial awareness tactics. Ads were set up on premium music websites (e.g., Billboard, NME, RollingStone), local news outlets (i.e., regional newspaper and TV news websites), and CTV/OTT networks with high viewership amongst relevant audiences (e.g., Hulu, NBCU). After awareness tactics had concluded, the remaining 25% of each festival’s budget was used on follow-on remarketing ads, which targeted any users who saw one of the ads from the initial campaign (impression-based remarketing). These ads were designed to reinforce awareness, drive pass sales, and bring back potential festival-goers who may have shown interest in the festivals but had not yet purchased passes.

The campaign was a resounding success, generating a positive 4:1 Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). In addition to the positive ROI generated, the campaign successfully created awareness of the event, and in turn, drove increased amounts of traffic to each festival website - further supporting DWP’s greater marketing strategy.

Bourbon and Beyond saw an average CPA of $10.98, Aftershock saw an average CPA of $10.92, and Louder Than Life saw an average CPA of $7.46 - all directly attributable to ads. These results demonstrate the precision and efficiency of's targeted marketing approach.

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