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Marketing thoughts & new feature announcements

Beginner’s Guide to Setting up Ads
FYC Campaigns
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Your music marketing: What to focus on this fall
Meta’s new app for music marketing yet
New Interest Targeting for Concert and Festival Ticket Buyers + More's 2022 Year in Review
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Strategies for Building and Engaging with your Email List's New Interface Introduces New Playable Ad Builder Smart Alerts
Downtown’s Launches Pre-Save Function for Amazon Music
“I don’t want to know”: How access to granular data can harm our outlook, and what to do about it
We need to talk about short-form video
Need a SmartURL alternative?
Anatomy of a Landing Page: 1 or 2 column?
New & Improved Landing Page Features (now with Tidal links!!!) Premium CPM Benchmarks
Introducing Social Unlock Pages!
3 easy things you can do right now to build & manage your audiences
5 times you’ll want to use’s best in class landing pages
Why Use a Custom Domain?
Have you tried this Geo-Page feature yet?
What’s a good advertising mix for your tour?
Attention is the New Currency
How to prepare for playing live - no matter the timeline
Touring is Back
Introducing Apple Music Pre-Add Chart Optimization
Apple Music Pre-Add Charts +
Record Store Day 2021
How Does Ad Spend Work?
Prospecting 101
Email Capture Modals
New Interest Targeting: New Genres + Podcasts
Best practices for your creative in ads (and beyond)
One-Click Spotify Pre-Saves for IOS and Android Mobile Devices