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How Does Ad Spend Work?
How Does Ad Spend Work?

Ever wondered how we work with your ad budget? Find out here!

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Everything you need to know about Ad Spend

Have you ever wondered how ad spend works?

Well today, we’re going to break it down!

When you advertise online, figuring things out like the amount of traffic websites get, and even the time of day people visit those websites can seem unfathomable. All that and more plays a part in how $$ is spent placing your ad though! That’s where comes in.

We’ve set up our Ad Builder to take the weight off your shoulders. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: You set a budget

STEP 2: We take your budget and divide it across the number of days and locations in your campaign to get your daily budget

STEP 3: We run your ad and do all the complex booking for you

STEP 4: We give you your change back

Step 4 might sound a little confusing, but it’s actually really simple! When you make a transaction thinking you’ll spend about $50 and the total comes out to $45 instead, you still expect your change from the $50 right? Well the same applies to your ad, we always give you your change!

If your ad doesn’t spend the full budget

(even if it’s just a few pennies),

we process that refund and send it back to your bank for you after the ad stops running!

Now that time can be used to make more music,

instead of on ad set-up.

Ready to give it a go?

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