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Introducing Social Unlock Pages!
Introducing Social Unlock Pages!
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We just added a new page type called Social Unlocks. Social Unlocks are a way to motivate fans to a certain action through an incentive of your choice. We leave it very open-ended for you to customize in the best way that works for your artists. You can redirect to a URL of your choice, or enter a message once a fan performs the unlock.

We currently have 3 services for unlocks, each with multiple options. You can use any or all of the below:

  • YouTube Subscribe

  • Spotify artist follow

  • Spotify playlist follow

  • Spotify track or album save

  • Apple Music artist follow

  • Apple Music playlist follow

  • Apple Music track or album save

The really cool thing about these pages is that you can have multiple unlocks on one page, so fans can unlock via the method that works best for them. Just like with our pages, a single click on a service completes all of the actions for that service. So if a user unlocks via Apple Music, and you have all 3 Apple Music options selected, all 3 actions are completed with the single unlock click.

To create a Social Unlock, log in to your account and click “Account Settings”, and scroll down until you see where to add Social Unlocks to your plan. Select the plan you want, then click “Create Landing Pages . You’ll see a new page type called Social Unlock. You can then go through the setup process.

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