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Want to know how your ad stacks up to all the rest? Keep reading!

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It’s September, and it wouldn’t be back-to-school season without doing a little math. The crew here at has been hard at work, looking at our premium ad and getting you all the best information on how ads are performing so you can make the right decisions about your advertising budgets.

When we look at ad campaigns, there is a single stat that rules over all the rest…. CPM (or cost per 1000 impressions). Why CPM? If you’re overpaying for impressions, you’re limiting your ability to reach the right people, which likewise limits your ability to convert those people.

Below is the average premium CPM compared to other CPM benchmarks in 2021




Google Search Ads

Premium Pub. Direct






As you can see, you can save a good chunk on CPM by advertising with premium. But - we didn’t stop there.

There are many factors that can affect your CPM - and the biggest factor is… your budget! Having too low of a daily budget limits your buying power, which can inflate your CPM due to low impression count. We found that users who spent $47 or more on premium ads on average had a $2.13 CPM - more than $1 less than the group average!

But what about a bad CPM - how do you know if you’re paying too much??

CPM is greatly dependent on platform, targeting, format & banner sizes, but we do have some general advice for you.

Premium ads should always receive a CPM of $10 or less, but based on our recent averages, if your CPM is over $6.18 - you’re an outlier! Now - you’re most likely still receiving a discount compared to the other platforms above, but that could be an indicator you may want to change up something about your ad.

Try increasing your budget, changing your ad sizes and adjusting your interest targeting to allow for a larger audience

What about an exceptionally good CPM?

If your CPM is below $1.50 - your CPM was exceptional! This could be because you’ve received a lot of interactions (did you know that customers showing interest may lower your CPM?) or you found your budget & interest targeting sweet spot. Keep up what you’re doing!

So… is CPM all that matters?

No - CPM isn’t all that matters. There are lots of KPI (key performance indicators) in ads, and they mostly depend on your goal. However, with our Premium ads - you want to focus mostly on CPM. That’s because these premium placements are great for branding - you’re getting associated with high-quality brands! But remember, CPM fluctuates based on demand. And right now advertising costs on these high-value spots are at their lowest!

Happy Advertising!

CPM Benchmark Sources

Premium Publisher from observed direct deals averages from internal data sets

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