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Not sure how iOS 14 changes will affect your ability to track your audience? We've got you covered!

Q: How can I use my Facebook pixel on's unique set up allows you to always track traffic on your landing pages if you install the Facebook pixel. However, if you would like to track specific events, you must set up a custom domain. This is because with iOS 14 updates, you must own the root domain site you are registering with Facebook to track specific events. A root domain is exactly what it sounds like... the base domain for your page.

For example: if you owned "" you could verify with Facebook, but also, and other domains that use the "" root domain.

What if you tried to use In that case, your root domain would be, and you would not be able to verify that domain with Facebook.

In order to properly track with a Facebook pixel, you must use our custom domains feature, available on our Premium and Power plans.

Q: Does iOS block pixels?

Certain iOS settings block 3rd party pixels. Here's the good news! pixels in your landing pages are 1st part pixels rather than 3rd party pixels. 3rd party pixels are pixels that do not originate from the site you're on. Because landing pages are on, they're 1st party and fire when they are allowed to do so.

When you embed a pixel in your own website, that's where a pixel can become a 3rd party pixel and can possibly be blocked by some iOS settings. Remeber! Use your pixel for good, and properly enable cookie consent language as required by law wherever you install your pixel!

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