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How does the ad preview tool work?
How does the ad preview tool work?
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If you're using the ad preview tool after you design your interactive banner on, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions

Q: Why doesn’t my ad click through to my destination URL in the HTML5 Ad Preview?

While the embedded widget in your HTML5 interactive banner will work as normal in the ad preview, the banner does not click through to the destination URL when viewing the banner in the preview tool. This is due to the fact that the destination URL is set when a user sets up an actual ad; the banners created in the banner design tool do not have a destination URL attached, as the banners can be reused in other ad campaigns (with different destination URLs).

Q: If I share the link to my ad preview with someone on my team, do they need to have a account to view the ad?

No! Ad previews can be viewed by anyone who has the link; no account necessary

Q: When I create an ad, can I set the destination URL (click-through URL) of my ad as a different link than the media embedded in the banner's interactive widget?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, some of our users prefer to use this strategy when running ads designed to drive brand awareness or follower growth. These users will often feature a Youtube video or Spotify widget as the embedded media in their HTML5 ad, as a way to showcase their music quickly and easily to new fans. Once they have captured a new fan's attention, the fan can then click on the ad and be directed to the destination URL of the advertiser's choice - whether it's an artist's Spotify artist page, or a landing page with new music and social media links.

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