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New Interest Targeting: New Genres + Podcasts
New Interest Targeting: New Genres + Podcasts
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Even more interest targeting: New Genres + Podcasts

We’ve added even more interest targeting to ads! With’s web and mobile ads, you can now reach highly engaged audiences who have a strong affinity for specific (and more niche) genres of music like Indie Americana and 90s Hip-Hop. We’ve even added new targeting for podcast listeners. See the list of new genre and podcast targeting below:

New Genres

90s and 2000s Indie Rock Fans

Indie Americana Fans

Jam Band Fans

Rat Pack Fans

90s Hip Hop Fans

Pop Adult Contemporary Fans

Alternative Rock and Indie Fans

Hip Hop Fans

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Fans

Country Fans


Comedy Podcast Listeners

Documentary Podcast Listeners

Engages with Podcast Social Media

Shared Podcast Content

Daily Podcast Listeners

Interested in Podcasts

Spotify Podcast Listeners

To use these new audiences, set up a web and mobile ad via and select your targeting in our interest targeting section.

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