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How Mamamoo used to sell 57,000+ tickets on their historic US tour
How Mamamoo used to sell 57,000+ tickets on their historic US tour advertising drove ticket sales for the best-selling debut US tour by a K-pop girl group

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Mamamoo, a popular K-pop group, embarked on their first-ever US tour, "MY CON," with a total of 9 arena dates scheduled across the country. In order to maximize their reach and ensure a successful tour, the tour’s promoter strategically allocated a significant portion of their budget to programmatic display and CTV ads.

One of the banners used for Mamamoo's ad campaign

The primary objective of Mamamoo's marketing campaign was to raise awareness about their "MY CON" world tour in the US, and drive ticket sales. Ads were divided into three phases:

1) Initial Announcement Phase:

  • Display ads were strategically placed on high-traffic K-pop interest/news websites such as AllKPop and KoreaBoo.

  • Separate display ad campaigns were set up to target users with interest targeting, specifically those who watched Korean TV shows and had an interest in pop music and East Asian culture.

  • CTV/OTT (Connected TV/Over-The-Top) video ads were utilized to reinforce awareness of the upcoming tour.

2) Secondary Ad Phase:

  • After analyzing the initial ad performance, the marketing team focused the majority of their ad budget on interest targeting as it yielded the best results in terms of engagement and conversions.

  • These secondary ads aimed to re-engage users who showed interest in the initial ads, utilizing impression-based remarketing.

3) Pre-Show Ad Phase:

  • In the week leading up to the scheduled shows, a third round of ads was launched, specifically targeting users who had seen the first round of ads.

  • The goal was to maintain momentum and encourage last-minute ticket purchases.

The results of Mamamoo's ad campaign were nothing short of remarkable. ads helped drive an impressive $0.61 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), demonstrating the efficiency of the ad strategies in driving ticket sales. The "MY CON" world tour generated over 57,000 digital ticket sales across the US, with notable successes in Los Angeles (12,000+ tickets) and Oakland (11,000+ tickets).

These ticket sales figures made history for Mamamoo, as they surpassed BLACKPINK's record for the best-selling debut US tour by a K-pop girl group. Mamamoo also joined the ranks of iconic girl groups like Destiny's Child, The Spice Girls, and TLC, becoming one of the few girl groups (and only non-english speaking group) to sell over 70,000 tickets on their debut US tour - a feat that hadn’t been accomplished in 21 years.

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