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Best practices for your creative in ads (and beyond)
Best practices for your creative in ads (and beyond)
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Updated over a week ago’s web and mobile ads accept 2 different types of creative: display banners, and HTML5 ads. HTML5 ads (aka “interactive” banners that you can embed a media player into) can be designed directly in our platform, and allow your audience to preview your release without leaving the page they are browsing.

Whether you choose to use HTML5 ad or Display Banners for your next ad, here are some best practices to follow when designing your ad creative, to ensure that your ad performs well:

  • Make text clear and readable! Use easy-to-read fonts, font colors that contrast with the background of your ad creative, and limit the amount of text to essential information

  • Provide an active voice call-to-action in your ad. Use words like “Listen Now” or “Watch Now”.

  • Make sure that your ad creative matches your artist or project branding. The ad will be the first thing someone sees about your project.

  • The most popular ad sizes across the internet is 300x250, followed by 728x90, 300x600, and 160x600. 320x50 is the most popular mobile-sized ad. If you are only using/designing one ad creative, 300x250 is a good choice!

When you’re done cooking up your ad creative, get your newly designed banner on to websites like Pitchfork and Complex in less than 2 minutes, with ads. Get started now.

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