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One-Click Spotify Pre-Saves for IOS and Android Mobile Devices
One-Click Spotify Pre-Saves for IOS and Android Mobile Devices
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Understanding the Spotify Pre-Save Flow on

Are you curious about how the Spotify Pre-Save feature works on Look no further! In this guide, we'll walk you through the normal flow and highlight the seamless integration for both iOS and Android devices

Initiating Pre-Save:

A user clicks the Spotify Pre-Save button on a page, whether it's accessed through Chrome Mobile, Safari, or the Instagram in-app browser.

Deep Linking to Spotify App:

The user is then seamlessly redirected (deep linked) to the official Spotify app (if installed on their device).


After arriving in the Spotify app, the user completes the authentication process successfully.

Completion on

Once authenticated, the user is automatically redirected back to the original page, opening in their browser.

Key Features:

Platform Coverage:

This feature is implemented for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a consistent experience across different mobile operating systems.

Automatic Application:

The feature is applied automatically to all Spotify Pre-Save buttons, whether they are existing or newly created on No additional steps or subscription fees are required.

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