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Make a Shortlink or a Geolink
Make a Shortlink or a Geolink

Get started with by building a shortlink or a dynamic geolink

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It all began with a shortlink, a shortcut to a longer link.'s shortlinks not only shorten long, unwieldy URLs, but they also help you get started building remarketing audiences thanks to the pixel. To make a shortlink:

  1. Copy your destination URL where you want visitors to go

  2. Paste it into the shorten bar in your dashboard

  3. Click SHORTEN

  4. Share the link on your various social platforms

Now you've created and successfully deployed your shortlink. You can view stats by visiting the LINKS page. There you can see your shortlink and review stats.

If you want to take your link game to the next level, then click on GEOLINKS. Geolinks allow you to send people to different destinations based on their location or device. For instance, you can send people in the U.S. to one destination URL, and people in Australia to a different destination URL.

We also made a short video that shows both.


Good luck with your first shortlinks. Make sure you post them everywhere you can – on social media, for your bio links, in your emails. Everywhere your users and fans can engage is a great place to post these tiny, but powerful data collection tools.

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