Audit codes and how to fix them

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Ad exchanges audit both the ad itself and your landing page before your ad will serve. Here are the common codes that get returned and some tips on how to fix them.

Creative does not contain sufficient brand notification

The key word here is sufficient. Audits look for three things: a logo, a landing page URL, or a distinct brand name.
If the creative has only a logo, the audit team needs to see that same logo on the landing page.

if the creative contains only a landing page URL, that has to be the URL for the landing page.

'Distinct brand name' can have insufficient notification in one of the following ways:

  • If your creative doesn't display your brand name, or that branding is too small or too faint.

  • If your brand name can be confused for any other text.

Audits will also check for matches. The landing page should match the brand name, for example, or the brand should use a similar typeface and branding on both the creative and landing page.

Creative does not click through properly

This error indicates one or more of the following are happening when a user clicks an ad:

  • The landing page doesn't open

  • The landing page opens but contains no content

  • The landing page opens, but has an error that keeps the content from loading

  • The landing page opens in the same window and does not prompt a new tab or window to open

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Creative does not display properly

This error will trigger if there are specific, technical issues with your creative, for example, it fails to load.

If this error happens, please reach out to us at

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Creative brand does not match creative landing page

This error occurs when the brand on your creative does not match the landing page. To fix this, the creative and landing page will need to contain the same brand name, logo or URL.

(AUDIO ONLY) Creative does not contain a voice over

Spotify requires all ads have a voiceover. To learn more how to make a great Spotify ad, including some voiceover copy suggestions, check out this article from CD Baby.

With this knowledge, you should be able to resolve any issues with your creatives and pass audits with ease.

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