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Account Management

Q: What’s the difference between Basic, Premium, and Power?




Price per month




Amazon Music Pre-Save

Spotify Pre-Save

Apple Music Pre-Add

Deezer Pre-Save





Apple Music Pre-Add Optimization


Email Capture Modal



Q: Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time! Just go to “Account Settings” and click on the plan you’d like and hit confirm. Your subscription will change immediately.

Q: How do I add someone to my account?

Under the “Permissions” tab, click “View/Grant Access to your Account”, there you’ll be able to add people to your account with either their user ID or the email address they used to sign up.

Q: Why does it say I have to upgrade to share my link insights?

If you have a POWER or Premium account and are receiving this message, it's mostly likely because you are trying to share insights to a shortlink rather than a landing page. Shareable insights are currently available for landing pages only. If you do not have a POWER or PREMIUM account, you must upgrade to one of our paid plans to use shareable insights

Q: Why can't I create an account?

Do you have an Ad Blocker running? Make sure that you disable it before creating an account. If you do not have disabled your Ad Blocker or do not have one running, please reach out to customer service.

Q: Where can I find and download my invoices?

All of your invoices will live on your “Account Settings” page, underneath the infographic of the paid subscription plans you will see on the left-hand side a box that is labeled “Transactions”, next to each of the transactions, you will see two buttons. Click the eye to view your invoice, or click the arrow to download your invoice

Q: Why can't I download my invoice?

Your campaign name likely has non-Latin characters. If your campaign name has any of the following characters in it you won’t be able to download your invoice directly: (@%$#&^*()

Don't worry! You can reach out to our customer support and we'll get a copy to you.

Landing Pages

Q: Why can’t I save my landing page?

  • Header

  • Description

  • Header image

  • Background image or color

  • At least one store or retailer (most often times, when a page won’t save this, is why)

Q: My youtube video embed at the bottom of my landing page is aligning all the way to the left, how can I fix this?

You'll see at the very beginning of the iframe code you put into the widget that is has a "width" and "height", change both of those numbers to "100%" and hit save. This will make the youtube video span the entire bottom of the page!

Q: How do I download my traffic report? / Where do I find the collected emails from my pre-save page?

From the Dashboard, click Edit Links/Pages, look for your page under “Browse Links & Pages” click the “Actions” button. Under Actions select “Insights”. There you can download your full traffic report.

Q: Can I use the custom domains feature with my Basic plan?

You must be a premium or power user with to access custom domain capabilities

Q: What’s the difference between a pre-save page and a timed-release page?

Both pre-save pages and timed release pages allow you to create a page before a release is available on stores and will automatically scan for links on your release date. However, pre-save pages allow users to save a release on Amazon Music, Apple, Spotify, and Deezer before the release is out.

Q: How do I set my landing page up for success?

Check out the following features:

  • Spotify singles

  • Shopify widget

  • Localized Geopages

  • Gif previews, buttons & backgrounds

Q: Why is my header preview not playing?

If you've chosen to link a header preview or embed a widget and it's not playing, there could be a couple of reasons why your not hearing (or seeing) your track

  • Check your header image type. If you see "Image", but have pasted in widget code, select "Widget" in the dropdown menu, then paste your code.

  • If you are looking for an audio preview, you must link directly to an m4a file.

Q: When I set up my music release page, it alerted me that some of the retailers only had a confidence score of 80%, what does that mean?

Sometimes, we aren’t able to locate your release based on UPC. In those cases, we locate a release based on factors like album title and artist name. So if you are alerted that a link has a confidence score under 100%, simply click the link to verify it’s the right one.

Pixels & Audiences

Q: What's a pixel?

A pixel is a bit of code that allows you to reach people who have interacted with your content in the past. For example, your landing pages automatically include your pixel. When someone visits your page, that person is added to your audiences. You can serve ads to those users with a remarketing campaign.

Q: What’s the best way to use the pixel?

Use it everywhere you can! Embed the pixel in your website and use embeddable players and shortlinks whenever possible. This allows you to collect your audience from around the web right in your account.

Q: How do I use the pixel outside of

You can get your conversion pixel from your Ads Reporting page. Just click on the actions button next to the campaign name at the top. You can then install that pixel anywhere you'd that accepts pixels, including Google Tag Manager.

Q: Where do I place my pixel in my website?

Your pixel should be placed at the very top of the “Body” section of your website.

Q: I want to use a different type of tracking pixel on my landing page, how can I do that?

Got another pixel to use? No problem! Simply click “Manage Pixels” from your dashboard, and look for “Add Pixel” on the right side of the screen. Name your pixel, and copy/paste the code from your provider. We’ll automatically add that pixel to all of your landing pages.

Q: Why are my landing pages loading so strangely?

More than likely, one of the pixels you have installed may have some text or characters that make it hard to process and load the landing pages accurately. You can go through the pixels you have installed and remove them one by one then refresh to find out which pixel is causing the problem, then from there, check out the pixel code. Make sure that there are no special characters in your code. Pixel code should be in plain text, meaning no formatting. In most cases, you can remove any special characters by pasting your pixel code as plain text. "Right click, paste as plain text." Lastly, we recommend removing the heading.

Ex. <!-- Start Facebook Pixel Code -->

Q: Why does Facebook say I can't verify my links or shortlinks?

To track traffic using the Facebook pixel, you must own the root domain site you are registering with Facebook (ex. you would not be able to register as "" is the root domain)

In order to properly track with a Facebook pixel, you must use our custom domains feature, available on our Premium and Power plans. Once you set up your custom domain

Q: What can I do with the audiences you collect?

You can use the audiences we collect to set up remarketing campaigns to reach the people. They can be set up to reach a specific audience (i.e. a Spotify Remarketing Campaign for just your Spotify audience) or as a way to reach your total audience when you have a new album coming out. You can even share audiences with other users

Q: Why might I share an audience, and how can I do that?

You might want to share an audience if a friend, colleague, or label mate has a similar sound to you and you would like to show them some love and help bring awareness to their music by sharing your audience with them so that they may reach your fans!


Q: Why isn't my image showing on the html5 ad?

Make sure:

  • The file name has none of these characters (!@#$%^&*()

  • The file size is under 3mb,

  • The image is either GIF, PNG, or JPG

  • There are no emojis in the text of the html5 banner ads

Q: Why was my campaign canceled, or creative rejected?

Ultimately, it’s up to publishers which ads are displayed on their sites. However, every campaign is audited by an auditing intermediary (by a person and by AI) to ensure it meets publisher guidelines. We don’t always receive an exact reason for rejection, but some common reasons for rejection are:

  • Lacks Call to Action

  • Lacks Branding

  • Does not contain a voiceover (for audio ads)

  • The offer isn’t obvious

  • Destination URL doesn’t resolve

Q: My campaign was supposed to start running today, but I’m not seeing results

Your campaign may not have been audited yet! Our audit process usually takes 48 hours or less, but it can sometimes take longer. The time it takes for your creative to be audited is ultimately up to the publishers, but we do find our approval process is faster than both GoogleAdWords and Facebook ads.

We recommend setting your campaign up at least 2 days before you’d like it to start running

Q: How can I get the most exposure from my Ad Campaign?

Whether you are running a Max Clicks Campaign or Premium Websites Campaign, it’s best to include Interest Targeting options.- Not only will the Ad be served on the websites you chose or on the websites with the most inventory, but the Ad will also serve to anyone who aligns with the interest targets that you selected for the campaign.

Ex. EDM Music, Podcast Listener, Music Festivals - If you add any of these from interest targeting, the technology will look for anyone whose algorithms align with the targeting you’ve chosen

There is no limit to the number of interest targets you can put in a campaign.

Shortlinks, Players & Email Capture Modals

Q: Why should I create an embeddable player or shortlink?

You should create shortlinks to help track all of the clicks related to those links! shortlinks help you to parse out the click traffic into meaningful data that you can use later to reach your fans (or the people who have clicked on your shortlinks)

The same is true for the embeddable players. By generating widget code in, any plays on a widget will be tracked by the pixel. They're perfect for press releases or your EPK, so you can add to your audience, even if you're not the one posting.

Q: Do I need to make shortlinks in addition to my landing page?

If you use links outside of your landing page, we always recommend shortening them with our link shortener. You can shorten any link, including links to your socials, your blog, your merch store, your podcast, your app (ok, you get the picture). The more shortlinks you use, the more traffic you're tracking.

Q: How does email capture work?

As long as you have your pixel installed into your website you have the capability to fire an email capture modal! It is used to capture emails of fans when they visit your website by firing a dialog box when a visitor takes a certain action.

With your POWER subscription, you can use this function across three different domains at any one time. There is no limit to the amount of email capture modals you can create, however only 3 can be published at any one time. You set your email capture modals up based on triggers like “Fire before leaving the site” and “Once every 30 days” to help avoid and minimize user fatigue so that your email capture modal converts as best it possibly can.

Q: Why can't I download the emails from my email capture?

Did you recently downgrade your account from Power to another plan? Email capture modals are only available on the Power plan, so you must upgrade again to download your report.

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