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What’s a good advertising mix for your tour?
What’s a good advertising mix for your tour?
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What’s a good advertising mix for your tour?

Last week, we talked about how to use interest targeting to reach the right audience, a few ways that you can use tools to promote your live shows & tours as well as how ads stack up against some other ad types. Today, we’re going to use all of this information to start talking about your advertising mix.

So how do you plan a comprehensive ads strategy for your tour?

Step 1: Commit a budget

How much do you have to spend on your promotions? You need to allocate a budget to digital advertising. It's the most cost-effective way to reach people, and with tickets being sold online, it's the most frictionless way to drive people to buy tickets.

Step 2: Find your budget per show

It’s time to do some math - you’re going to want to market each show on your tour, so divide your budget by your dates. Start by dividing your budget evenly between shows - you can keep your budget evenly divided across all your dates, or you can allocate a larger percentage to larger venues. This can be done most effectively when you set up a campaign per show, this way the impressions for a larger city don't eat up the budget you had for a smaller city.

Step 3: Decide on your advertising channels

A healthy advertising mix doesn’t rely too heavily on any one channel - it’s divided to reach the most possible people. First figure out how much you want to spend marketing to your existing audiences, and how much you want to spend bringing in a new audience. We highly suggest splitting your budget evenly between the two, to ensure that you’re reaching the most people possible.

Here’s the good news, we’ve already got you covered for your new audiences. prospecting ads are perfect for reaching a new audience where they’re already browsing. We can help take the guesswork out of this for you with our interest, genre, domain, and location targeting.

It may also be worth considering your Artist Analytics on Spotify. If one stop on your tour schedule shows up on your top locations on Spotify, you may want to opt for a Spotify audio ad to supplement your mix.

So, where do you reach your existing audience? If you don’t have a remarketing audience on yet, social media ads are a great way to reach your current fans. They’re already used to interacting with you there, so you know they’re already interested. Choose to advertise on platforms that you are the most active on, and in the format your fans typically interact with the most.

For example, if you’re getting thousands of likes on your new Instagram posts, but only a couple hundred on Facebook, allocate more of your budget to Instagram. The same goes for Stories vs. Newsfeed.

Example Tour Budget

spreadsheet showing advertising budget for a multi-city tour

More Advertising Tips

  • Make sure you start your ads with plenty of time for them to be seen - we recommend at least a couple of weeks before you set foot in the location.

  • Speaking of locations, don’t just target the location of your show, make sure to target areas within driving distance of your venue.

  • Don’t be afraid to make small adjustments as you go - learn from your campaigns as you go, but don’t make too many big adjustments all at once. Make small adjustments to ensure you know what is working and what isn’t.

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