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Have you tried this Geo-Page feature yet?
Have you tried this Geo-Page feature yet?
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If you are a Premium or POWER user with, you’ve probably heard about Geo-Pages, the feature where you can create localized versions of your landing pages depending on the country in which your fan is located. This allows you to customize the experience of the page (like the language of your text or the order in which the stores are displayed).

There is one additional feature to these Geo-Pages that you might want to know about - especially for your next Pre-Save page.

Geo-Release Dates

When you create a new Geo-Page, you can enter a different release date for each Geo-Page, and select your release date and time for that specific location! Now fans in that location can access your page as soon your release is available in their locale! No more having to wait for release time in your specific time zone.

As a reminder, your time / date selection will still display your local time zone, so be sure to double-check that you are entering the correct date / time conversion.

If you’re a Premium or POWER use, Geo-Pages are included in your plan! If you are a Basic user, you can upgrade at any time to take advantage of this plan. Check out our plan comparison here!

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