If you’ve set up pages on found.ee in the past, you’ve probably seen this section of the page set up before:

Chances are, you’ve glanced at the “Select Domain” section, and hit the finish button. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Your link is live and you can start promoting your page across all of your channels.

That being said, if you skip over this section, you might be missing one huge feature that found.ee has to offer….

Branded URL’s

You already know you can customize any URL from the randomly generated https://found.ee/9hl5n to pretty URL’s like https://found.ee/spotify (as long as it’s not already taken). But you can also customize the domain part as well with the Custom Domains feature in found.ee.

This is found.ee for instance, https://lnk.ilovestvincent.com/daddyshome

Fun fact -- if you use Custom Domains the pretty URL’s are all unlocked for you. For instance, this is found.ee again https://lnk.ilovestvincent.com/spotify

Just upgrade to a Premium or Power account to unlock this.

Facebook Event Trigger Remarketing

Use Events Tracking on Facebook? Facebook now requires that you show proof of ownership of your domain to track events through the Facebook pixel. By enabling Custom Domains in your found.ee account, Facebook will allow you to track events from your found.ee Page engagements - increasing the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising.

Don’t have a Premium or Power account? Don’t worry! Unlike other music marketing, found.ee provides another way for you to build remarketing audiences on Facebook Advertising. Add your Facebook pixel into the found.ee Manage Pixels and you can setup segments based on Pageviews on Facebook instead.

Ready to set up your custom domains & custom short links?

If you’re on the Basic plan and would like access to custom domains and shortlinks, you may upgrade to Premium or Power any time in your account settings here [https://found.ee/super/account]

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