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Introduction to Smart Alerts

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Updated over a week ago Smart Alerts are a fantastic feature that allows you to receive Smart Alerts about your advertising campaigns via email. This means you don't even have to log in to ensure your campaigns are running smoothly.

The Smart Alerts System is based on your Ad Setup: your targeting, and your goals. on Daily and Total Spends overspending / underspending, as well as CPC and CPM.

This means you can monitor your ad campaign without having to log into every account you run an ad campaign through. And you can add anybody on your team that should receive these. (Looking at our larger label groups, distros, promotions companies, and ad agencies)

You can even allow your client or artist team to subscribe to receive these alerts as well if you'd like. For clients and artist teams we of course already have a feature that allows you to share a live ad campaign dashboard.

The Smart Alerts for Advertising is available to all users. If you’d like to share a live dashboard with daily advertising reporting, this is also available via the “ACTIONS” dropdown and the “SHARE REPORT” button available in the Ads Reporting page.

If you create/update an ad campaign, you'll see a checkbox for it on the bottom left. This area is for notifications from the user's own campaigns.

If somebody adds your email to their ad campaign, you'll see a checkbox for this campaign on the bottom right (image below). This is an area for notifications from other user's campaigns that have been shared with you.

Spam protection: An invited user will receive notifications only after they have confirmed the subscription via the link sent to their email provided.

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