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How to target custom website lists with ads
How to target custom website lists with ads

Create a list of your favorite websites that you want your ad to appear on, and save these lists for future ads

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Updated over a week ago's ad platform allows you to create a custom list of websites for your ad to appear on; our newest update allows users to save and manage these lists for use in future ads too. While this tool cannot guarantee that your ad will appear on your desired website, has access to advertising space on most websites that allow third-party advertising. Read below for instructions on how to create, manage, and save your custom website lists:

  1. Navigate to's web and mobile ad creation page, via Quick Launch or Advertising > Setup Ads > Web and mobile ads - Let's Go

  2. After you input your desired campaign name, advertising dates, total budget, and location targeting, scroll down to the page's Domain Targeting section.

  3. In's domain targeting section, click on the Premium Sites dropdown to view a list of pre-set website lists you can use as a starting point, via the Manage button next to your desired list). Alternatively, you can create a new list from scratch, via the Create Domain Pre-set List button at the bottom of the dropdown menu

  4. If you choose to Create Domain Pre-Set List (i.e., creating a list of custom websites from scratch): First, name your list in the Pre-set Name field. Next, input the websites you would like to target in the field under the Add to the list field. If you wish to input multiple websites at once, separate each website with a comma. Once you are finished, click the Add Domains button to save these websites to your custom list, and click Create at the bottom of the box to finish saving your list as a new list under the Premium sites dropdown menu.

  5. If you choose to edit one of's pre-set website lists as a starting point for your own custom list (i.e., clicking Manage next to your desired pre-set list), a pop-up will appear that allows you to do so, that displays all of the websites that are currently targeted in the list you are choosing to edit. Rename your custom list under the Pre-set name field, and add any additional websites you like in the Add to the list section of the pop-up. When you are finished inputting websites, click Add Domains to save these websites to your new list. If there are any websites from this pre-set list that you would like to remove, you can do so using the (-) icon next to the website on the left column of the pop-up. When you are all finished, click Create in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window, to save your new list as a custom pre-set website list.

  6. You're all done! You can find your new custom website lists at the bottom of the Premium Sites dropdown, under the My Domain Pre-Set header. Any website lists you have created in your account can be found here, for use in future ads.

    When you are ready to set up an ad with your new custom website list, just click the name of the list, and continue setting up your ad.

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