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ROI, CPA, ROAS - Let's Talk Direct Response
ROI, CPA, ROAS - Let's Talk Direct Response

ROI, CPA, ROAS - Let's Talk Direct Response, Conversions, Sales, Leads

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Let's just jump right to the point: Conversions. Conversions can come in the form of Leads, Email Captures, Registrations, "Likes," Votes, SMS Signups, and good old fashion Sales.

So how do you get them with advertising? The short answer is, you have to match the right Offer (your brand's offering, the product, the service, the whatever it is, at the right price), with the right Message (make it sound compelling), and Audience.

Chances are, you've got the first two pretty well down. And if you don't, that's okay, because you can test. But to test, you need to run ads and try difference target Audiences. The best way to do this is with INTEREST targeting. Not domain targeting (we display these as PREMIUM and MAX CLICKS). It's not because you can't get great rates, and great CPC's, and even great audiences -- you definitely can get all of those things, and you definitely can get sales. People do this every single day in fact.

In order for a finite list of domains to convert on one campaign (this is a key insight: you'll have a better chance of converting with domain targeting over the course of multiple campaigns, over more time), your offer and message need to be refined, and your product, or service, should be immediately within reach. As in, it shouldn't be a really large consideration, like buying a mortgage. You could of course build your brand with domain targeting, drive people to your website to learn more about your mortgage brokerage, and then remarket to site visitors! But a mortgage takes a lot of CONSIDERATION.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a company that sells premium quality flowers decided to move their business online, rather than close up shop. They figured out a way to do keep their business running just on delivery alone and only needed a way to reach new customers since people were not walking by their storefront. So they setup campaigns with and targeted PREMIUM DOMAINS likes Refinery29, Popsugar, and WSJ, since they knew their general consumers might browse those kinds of websites. And sure enough, they do! The flower company transformed their business into online deliveries, and was able to drive direct response (sales through an online store that offered at-home delivery). The offer and message matched the audience incredibly well, and they were selling a product that people wanted. They canvased a variety of premium domains within their geo targets, including:

But if it works for them, why not you? It definitely can work for you. It works for people every day in fact. This isn't intended to discourage trying, this is intended to help you boost your overall performance. Below are a few more tips on how to run PREMIUM DOMAIN TARGETING and MAX CLICKS, but first we'll explain why it can be difficult.

Here's the caveat: Imagine you're 27 PREMIUM DOMAINS within the FINANCE targeting list. You may reach the same handful of users a few times on one website, but what are the chances within that 3-5 day window of your campaign runtime, those users that saw your ad on Forbes, are going to see your add popup on the other 26 websites in the next few days? Day 1 of your campaign could have been the only day that whole week they were perusing finance related premium domains, and with a $1,000 budget, it's difficult to catch that same group of users again. And as we know, it takes a little time, a little frequency, and some consistency in messaging is going to connect to those users.

How to make PREMIUM DOMAIN TARGETING more effective:

1) Run more than one campaign, one after another

2) Run an interest campaign at the same time as a PREMIUM DOMAIN campaign, since you know why you're targeting premium websites (who you're targeting), you'll be able to run another campaign targeting those same cohorts, and that will mean you can reach people from PREMIUM all over

3) When running PREMIUM, consider how you might be able to raise your brand profile overall, and instead of going in for the direct sale once someone lands on your page, pixel them with a remarketing pixel, and run a remarketing campaign trying to convert them later

4) Run MAX CLICKS targeting at the same time as PREMIUM, so you can extend your reach with dozens or hundreds more domains and apps that your target audience might be on

5) Run your campaign longer, but not at a few dollars a day, you need to get more reach, not less

How to make MAX CLICKS DOMAIN TARGETING more effective:

1 - 5: From above, the same recipe applies. The wonderful thing about MAX CLICKS is that you can test a variety of creatives within the same campaign since you can spread your budget even further than PREMIUM. Most people recommend starting wider, reading the KPI's, and narrowing on subsequent campaigns.

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