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How to prepare for playing live - no matter the timeline
How to prepare for playing live - no matter the timeline
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How to prepare for playing live - no matter the timeline

Venues are starting to reopen, and with them live shows and tours. After more than a year (and perhaps a bit more) - it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do when you return to playing live.

Wherever you are in the process, whether you’re playing a show next week, or you’re prepping your set for a yet-to-be-determined date in the future, has the tools for you to venture out into the world with as much success as possible.

If you’re playing a live show next week…

Shorten your ticketing links with and share with fans and / or set up a landing page!

Did you know you can embed the actual ticket buying experience in your page? Take a look at this example with a Universe by Ticketmaster widget!

Pro tip: Use your landing page as an Instagram bio link for even more success.

If you’re playing a live show in the next month (or two)...

Start building up hype with tools!

  • Use the “Bulk Links” tab to create remarketing-pixeled shortlinks for ALL of your tour dates in one move

  • Embed your whole tour directly into a page! Get your widget from Bandsintown, Seated, wherever, and paste it in directly.

  • Embed your pixel on your website and start capturing audiences of fans that visit

  • Put the “Email Capture” button in your Music Release Landing Pages and start collecting emails

  • Use the “Email Capture Modal” on your website directly -- if you haven’t read up on these, they have been known to capture fan emails at 4100% conversion rates than the standard email capture form

Pro tip: Embed the pixel on website, and create an email capture modal to start collecting email addresses. Once the email addresses are in your account, you can export them to follow up with show dates.

If you’re dreaming about your next live show, but aren’t back out there yet...

Start working on a remarketing audience.

The bigger your collected audience once you are back out there, the more fans at your shows. Make sure you install the pixel in your site (and anywhere else you can install a pixel). Make sure to use landing pages for your releases and bio links. The more tools you use, the bigger and more comprehensive your audience will become. Once you’re ready, all you need to do is click the “Reach” button and set up an ad campaign to tell your audience about your impending shows.

No matter when you’re headed back to the stage

Utilize ad campaigns to collect new fans (especially ones interested in live music - you can select this option in our interest targeting), connect with old fans or do a little bit of both.

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