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New & Improved Landing Page Features (now with Tidal links!!!)
New & Improved Landing Page Features (now with Tidal links!!!)
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Updated over a week ago

We’re making some big changes! The team has been hard at work, making our landing pages even more effective!

Check out the newest updates!

New Auto-scan Retailers

We’ve added several new auto-scan retailers in the past few weeks, including Anghami and Soundcloud. In the last week, we’ve added our newest auto-scan retailer Tidal! You will now see Tidal as a post-release auto-scan option when creating your Pre-Save, Timed Release, and Music Release pages!

More rescans!

Did you know that rescans your Pre-Save and Timed Release pages to make sure that all of your links show on your page as they go live. We’ve increased the number of scans per page to 100 rescans!

New Looks

We’ve updated the look of our page set up to make setting up a new landing page a breeze! Haven’t seen the new look? Log in now to check it out!

You’ll notice the new look across all of your landing pages and the new retailers & rescans on any new pages you create. Now is the perfect time to set up that new page!

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