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New Feature: Universal Pixel

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We’re very excited to announce the Universal Pixel.

We’ve taken our pixel to the next level, so you can supercharge your marketing!’s pixel has always allowed you to create powerful remarketing audiences, but now it’s getting a major upgrade. The pixel automatically created in your account is now the only pixel you need to use across your campaigns. . This pixel will be your Advertising Conversion Pixel, Remarketing Audience Pixel, Pre-Save Page Analytics Pixel, Shortlink Analytics Pixel, and even your Email Capture Modal.

It works a bit like the Facebook Universal Pixel. So instead of having to copy and paste a separate conversion pixel with each advertising campaign, you will install your pixel on your website, online store, and even on the ticketing platform selling your concert tickets, and set your conversion rules up in your account directly.

We know that hundreds and hundreds of artist websites and Shopify stores have pixels installed, so we made this easy for you! If you’ve previously installed the Remarketing (DMP) Pixel, you don’t have to update it - your DMP pixel has automatically turned into your Universal Pixel. Universal Pixel

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