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How to enable automated follow-up remarketing audiences
How to enable automated follow-up remarketing audiences

Learn the easy way to build targetable audiences of users who see your ad, who can be targeted in future ad campaigns

Written by Tim Huang
Updated over a week ago has introduced a new feature called Automated Follow-up Remarketing Audiences. This cutting-edge technology allows marketers to capture and target audiences who have previously viewed their advertisements.

Now, when advertisers are setting up a new advertising campaign, they can create a targetable audience of users who see the ad with just one click. This allows the advertiser to run a secondary ad campaign targeting users who have already been shown the ad once - improving conversion rates and brand awareness. Campaigns for large and burgeoning artists have seen anywhere between 4x - 20x increases in ad engagement!

How do you do it?

The next time you're setting up a web and mobile ad on, scroll down to the section of the ad set-up page where you upload your creative.

Make sure the Create remarketing audience checkbox is ticked. And that's it! No further set-up needed.

To target your new audience in a new ad campaign, go to the Ad Reporting page on (via the left-hand navigation bar) and click on the name of your initial ad campaign. When the Advertising report loads, find the concentric circle visualization of your Addressable Audience. Mousing over the Impressions Audience ring will allow you to target your new automated follow-up remarketing audience - use the Click graph to target impressions audience button, and you'll be taken to a new ad set-up page where you can set up a new ad that targets your selected audience.

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