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Setting up Accounts and Sub-Accounts
Setting up Accounts and Sub-Accounts
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In the "Permissions" tab, users have the ability to create new accounts (sub-accounts) from within their existing account, so long as the original account has a valid and verified email associated with it.

These sub-accounts can be accessed from the original account (via the Permissions tab), as well as logged in to directly (if the account is set up with its own username and password, by disabling the "Simple Registration" option when creating the sub-account).

This feature is commonly used when a user wishes to have a various sub-accounts that are accessible under an overarching parent account - each with their own dashboard, remarketing audiences, and links (i.e., a label "parent" account with individual sub-accounts for each artist on the label, or a promoter "parent" account with individual sub-accounts for each festival they run).

Here is an example:

Let's assume that user A registered their account via the website. User A can create sub-accounts.

User A creates User B sub-account with email User B can log-in directly from the log-in page.

User A creates user C without email. User C's account can only be accessed via User A's account via Permissions tab in User A's home dashboard.

User B and can create sub-accounts if the email is confirmed by that user. If you have an unverified email, when you try to create an account, the corresponding dialog will popup to resend a verification email.

User C will never be able to create sub-accounts because he/she has no email.

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