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Meta’s new app for music marketing yet
Meta’s new app for music marketing yet
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This week, Meta made headlines with the release of its new social media app, Threads.

Billed by many to be Meta’s “twitter-killer,” the new app offers a similar text-based sharing experience as Twitter, but with the added benefit of Instagram and Facebook’s existing follower network - which means that new users will be able to use the app with their existing Instagram following, without having to build up a new one.

This is good news for music marketers, especially those that use Instagram as their primary social media platform for marketing. If Threads continues to cannibalize Twitter’s userbase (which seems to be the case, as the app is currently the most-downloaded app in the world), music marketers will have an easier time reaching audiences that previously were inaccessible from Instagram alone.

As with any new product launch from the social media giants of the world, it helps to get on the app early. We’ve seen it before with Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and more - early adopters are often rewarded with algorithmic preference, which means more people see your content.

We have yet to see a Threads-native music marketing campaign that uses the app in a novel way, but it is sure to come. Please reach out and let us know if you have come across anything!

If you are setting up your account on Threads, be sure to use’s landing page tools to direct followers and new users to your music in your bio link. Get Started Now

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