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Campaign Setup: Budget, Location, Dates
Campaign Setup: Budget, Location, Dates
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When you are on the campaign setup page, the first thing you’ll need to do is name your ad campaign, set your budget, set your ad date range, and your ad’s location targeting.

A: Campaign Name

You’ll be able to set your campaign name here. Use something descriptive, like the artist name, release name, and the creative used or destination link of the ad.

B: Total Budget

Set the total budget for your ads here.

C: Select Advertising Dates

Select the date range in which you want the ads to run. If you’re unsure about the dates, refer to (D)

D: Budget per Day

Setting the Total Budget (B) and Advertising Date Range (C) will automatically generate a number in this box, which tells you how much your ad will spend per day (calculated by total budget, divided by total number of days). For ads to perform optimally, budget per day should be no less than $20 per day. If daily budget is too low, try decreasing the advertising date range in (C).

E: Location Targeting

Set the location(s) in which you want your ad to be targeted. Location can be Countries, States, Cities, or ZIP codes. When in doubt, go with countries, starting with a release’s home territory. Broader targeting (e.g., countries, or even states, as opposed to smaller cities / ZIP Codes) will often help ensure that ads spend their full budget. As location targeting gets more specific, the overall audience available for the ad platform to reach decreases, which may result in underspending.

Inputting too many locations may also negatively impact your results, as the ad platform divides overall budget equally between all locations that are input. A big discrepancy in the sizes of of each location targeted may also result in underspending (e.g., targeting the US, Mexico, and then Fargo North Dakota), as ad budget is split EQUALLY between each of these locations.

F: Credit Card

The credit card to be charged for the campaign you are currently setting up can be found here. If there are multiple credit cards on file, you may select a different card to charge by clicking the dropdown arrow. New credit cards can also be added at the bottom of the campaign setup page.

An example screenshot of the Campaign Setup page with Campaign Name, Budget, Location, and Dates is below.

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