Prospecting 101

So what's prospecting anyway?

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Prospecting 101

So you’re thinking about running a campaign, but you’re not sure how to move forward. Have no fear, we are here to be a guiding light!

We have 2 types of campaigns: Remarketing and Prospecting, but today we're going to focus on what prospecting is, and why you want to do it

Now you wonder, “What does Prospecting mean in terms of an Ad Campaign?”

“Prospecting” is just another word for “Seeking”: a simple way to put it would be, a prospecting campaign is a campaign used to find new fans!

When your Ad is served on websites, anyone who is interested in your offer and clicks on your Ad will get pulled into your audience on for you!

When prospecting for new fans, we highly recommend using a shortlink as your “destination URL” or the place people go when they click on your ad. That’s because with a shortlink you’re collecting information about the people who visit your campaign!

You’ll get information about where the person is from and what site they were on before clicking your ad.

You will also have access to contact information from people who interacted with your link or page. This is made possible by the individual pixel built into every user account and applied across all your links, embeds, and landing pages.

If you’re considering launching your first campaign, Prospecting is the way to go!

Go find your fans, my friends!

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