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How to Create Landing Pages
How to Create Landing Pages

In seconds, PAGES can build effective landing pages that convert.

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Today we're going to look at PAGES. You can use PAGES to promote a product, podcast, album and much, much more.

When users interact with links on your page, those interactions flow to our Data Management Platform (DMP). The DMP then turns them into different audiences.

For example, if someone clicks an Amazon link on your PAGE then they will be part of your Amazon audience. You can then create ad campaigns, called REMARKETING campaigns, to those engaged audiences. These audiences can convert in greater numbers.

We'll save the remarketing discussion for another time. First you have to build that audience.

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide or read below.


Step 1: Click on PAGES.
Step 2: Click to upload your banner (350 x 350, 3MB max).
Step 3: Give your page and new header and description.
Step 4: Upload a background or pick a background color. Pro tip: set a blur for higher contrast with your banner.
Step 5: Add a store link. We have a number of stores listed, but (Pro tip) you can add your own logo for your own store or any others.
Step 6: Click CREATE.
Step 7: Share your page on social media or use it as a landing page in an ad.

Extra Credit: Geo Pages (🔒Premium Feature)

If you upgrade to a Premium account, you can create GEOPAGES. GEOPAGES adjust their content and appearance based on a user's location.

Once you've built a landing page, it's easy to add a GEOPAGE:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon

  2. Add the country for which you want a unique page

  3. Customize it with the same options from above

  4. Click UPDATE!

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